Father's Day History - The Real Thing Behind Father's Day

Have you ever wondered by the fact that what is the logic behind things, How and when they first started then you are in perfect place. Follow us in this article to get to know the History of Father's Day, When it is founded and How it came into existence. 

Father plays a most important role in the life of their children. They are the superheroes and idle of the children and father's day is the day when these children can do something really great to show their affection toward their father and tell them that how much they love and care for him.

Father's Day History - The Real Thing Behind Father's Day

Father's Day History

You might be thinking that Father's Day is a modern day holiday but you are wrong here. The first father's day card on clay founded was around 4000 years ago. The Father's Day Message written on it was related to good health and well being which was pretty obvious.

Despite being that old, The Specific day allotted to just celebrate the contribution of fathers was not so quite popular until the 18th century. There are several facts and evidence which shows that father's day was celebrated in England and Britain from around 18th century but again not on a large scale.

And If we talk about the Father's Day Celebration in the USA then it was not celebrated before 1909. There was a lady Sonora Dodd who lives in Washington, One Day while listening to the event of Mother's Day, she got an idea.

Sonora Dodd wanted to honor his father named William Smart and she did. On June 19, 1910, she celebrated the Father's Day as this day was the birthday of his father.

Years later, Father's Day get it officially declared holiday and importance when the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers was issued in 1966 by President Lyndon Johnson who designated the third Sunday in June as Father's Day.

From then, This Day is spread in all major cities of America and other parts of the world and based on a recent study it shows that now Father's Day is celebrated over all the countries across the globe which is quite wonderful as fathers also deserve some appreciation.

Father's Day History - The Real Thing Behind Father's Day

Father's Day Stats and Figures

There are some interesting facts and figures associated with father's day which can really surprise. If you are still reading this article then I am sure that you are dedicated enough to know all these interesting stuff related to father's day. So let's Continue...

1. By the stats shared by the Greeting card's manufacturer of the USA, on the occasion of Father's day around 100 million Father's day greeting cards are sold all over America.

2. Around 50% of the sold Father's Day greeting cards are bought by the son and daughters for their father, 20% are bought by wifes for there husbands and the rest are bought for the grandfather, uncles and other relatives.

3. Roses are the official flower of the father's day. Wearing a Red Rose symbolize the living father and a white rose if he is deceased.

4. Out of many gifts which are available on the occasion of father's day, Neckties are one of the most famous and popular father's day gift.

5. According to stats share by youtube in 2014, It is shown that on the day of father's day there is a significant increase in the videos related to father's reaction on getting his dream cars, Gifts and other kinds of stuff.

6. Sonora Dodd is considered as the Mother of Father's Day.

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